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Carved Block Stone Siding

Split Stone Look That's Big On Style

Versetta Stone Carved Block manufactured stone veneer panels are a great fit for contemporary and commercial designs. Offering the appearance of large, chiseled blocks, Carved Block panels install with modern methods using just screws or nails. (Actual colors may vary from those represented on screen.)

  • Easy installation can be performed by a siding contractor or carpenter
  • Installs anywhere without the need for additional footings for support
  • No metal lathe or scratch coat needed
  • Durability to withstand freezes, thaws, winds and heat
  • Reduces installer fatigue with its lightweight aggregate materials
  • Each panel covers 2 ft2

Night And Day Colors

Carved Block is available in two natural colors. Midnight combines gray, black, and subtle tones of brown for darker applications. Sea Salt features lighter tones of taupe and white for the crisp appearance of split block stone. (Actual colors may vary from those represented on screen.)

Bold Look, Installed Fast

Carved Block mortarless stone panels make short work of the otherwise daunting task of handling heavy carved blocks. Learn the basics of Versetta Stone installation and get ready to start your next project.

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