5 Insights from LBM Journal’s Siding Review


In many
ways, it’s business as usual in the siding market—authenticity is in demand,
low maintenance is a must, and the Modern Farmhouse continues to reign. And
while the pandemic shifted the way most of the industry is doing business, many
homeowners are using the extra time at home to improve their exteriors.

LBM Journal’s annual In Depth feature on siding takes a look at the current trends in siding and siding sales. Here’s some of what they found:

Market Remains Strong

While the
pandemic has created challenges for so many, it’s also driven many homeowners
to embark on improvement projects, particularly as they embrace the home’s role
as sanctuary. “During stay-at-home orders, many Americans have been making wish
lists for the ways they will have professionals make improvements once that’s
allowed in their areas,” Boral Building Products’ Vice President of Sales Jack
Delaney told LBM Journal. “Siding replacement is a perfect way to give existing
homes an instant facelift.”

also has the distinct advantage of offering outside work, which is isolated
from the homeowner and is easier to do safely as the pandemic continues, making
it an ideal option to consider for a facelift.

Popular Siding Trends Continue

facades continue to be in demand, manufacturers say, combining traditional
siding with stone and accents to help the home stand out and catch the eye.

despite some predictions that the Modern Farmhouse style has run its course,
the look remains popular, as homeowners desire the authenticity blended with
clean lines and a contemporary vibe.

has been in demand for the past few years, and we think that desire will only
get stronger as Americans look to their homes as a sanctuary,” Delaney said. “The
draw of tradition, of the tried-and-true, is likely to continue as homeowners
look for any sense of normalcy in these times.”

TruExterior Siding & Trim’s Craftsman Collection, offering the look of wood in seven authentic profiles such as Shiplap and Channel Bevel, is one way to deliver on that preference.

Low Maintenance a Must

The demand for low-maintenance materials is here to stay, as older and younger homeowners alike eschew the idea of painting their exterior every year. Two products to consider are TruExterior poly-ash siding and Foundry Specialty Siding, each offering a combination of durability and little upkeep.

Easy Installation in Demand

As the labor shortage continues, straightforward, speedy installation is key to maintaining schedules and ensuring long-term performance. (Try Versetta Stone stone siding, which has a panelized format that can be installed by traditional carpenters and contractors.) Building pros also are looking for a partner in their suppliers, one that can be both a single source of materials and provide value and knowledge.

Training Takes Off

With demand still high but face-to-face meetings off the table in many areas of the country, manufacturers have quickly implemented online training sessions. Boral Building Products, for example, has been hosting product knowledge workshops and live installation demonstrations. Check out some recorded classes on our YouTube channel or contact your rep to arrange a live session.

Learn more about the latest siding needs and trends by reading the full LBM Journal article here.